Welcome to collaborate with WASP-HS

Open invitation for collaboration between WASP-HS and public and private partners in Sweden. Welcome to the meeting, 12 February in Stockholm.

Increasingly, AI and autonomous systems are changing the way we work, live and solve problems. Most public and private organisations, large and small, are already using or considering using AI-related technology and are confronted with many questions concerning opportunities and the risks associated with AI. Many of these questions, relating to the social impact, ethical and legal alignment, transparency, privacy, fairness and explanability, require a broad perspective, rather than a pure technological solution.

The Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program – Humanities and Society (WASP-HS) aims to realize excellent research and develop competence on the opportunities and challenges of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems for humanities and society.

Open invitation

WASP-HS is happy to invite you for a meeting on 12 February. The focus of this meeting is to introduce the program to discuss the plans and possibilities for collaboration between WASP-HS and public and private partners in Sweden.

Register your interest

You can register your interest in participating in this meeting here, go to the registration page. As we aim at reaching as many as possible organisations and the space is limited, we will let you know by 2 February 2020 if your registration has been accepted.

This event takes place on 12 February 2020 from 13.00-17.00 at Näringslivets Hus, Storgatan 19, 114 51 Stockholm. The event will be in English and participation is free of charge. The final program will be announced in this page soon.

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