Podcast on AI and the research in WASP-HS

Published: March 12, 2020

“We need to develop an understanding of what new technologies mean to society.” A very interesting podcast with researchers Christian Balkenius and Ingar Brink.

What do we talk about when we talk about artificial intelligence? Why are philosophers interested in self-driving cars? And when do the robots take over?

A very interesting podcast from Lund University with Christian Balkenius, Professor of Cognitive Science, and Ingar Brinck, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy, about the research program WASP-HS, and about the role of the humanities and social science in research on autonomous systems and AI.

“We need to develop an understanding of what the new technologies mean to society, we need to make a central investment in these changes that are happening globally, this investment will help with research in this area and initiate collaboration with international expertise,” says Ingar Brinck.

“Technology will change how we interact with each other and will have consequences for society as a whole. So everything will be affected,” says Christian Balkenius.

Listen to the podcast.

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