Report on legal and ethical challenges with AI

Published: December 2, 2019

Stefan Larsson, researcher at Lund University and research leader in WASP-HS, has published a report on legal and normative challenges posed by applied AI.

In the report, The Socio-Legal Relevance of Artificial Intelligence, Stefan Larsson writes:
“In conjunction with society’s increasing use of, and dependence on, AI and machine learning, there is indeed a growing societal need to understand potentially negative consequences and risks, how various interests and power are distributed, and what kinds of legal and ethical frameworks, standards, certifications or procedural stances might become necessary.”

The report focus on contemporary, everyday versions of artificial intelligence in order to relate them to relevant legal and socio-legal challenges.

Stefan Larsson is a lawyer (LLM) and Associate Professor in Technology and Social Change at Lund University.

The report is published by The AI Sustainability Center.
Read the report The Socio-Legal Relevance of Artificial Intelligence.

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