UppTalk Weekly with WASP-HS Researchers

Published: June 3, 2020

The impact of artificial intelligence on people and society was the main focus when UppTalk Weekly at Uppsala University invited to a digital lunch seminar.

At this seminar five researchers from Uppsala university was invited to discuss about artificial intelligence (AI) and how this new technology can affect our society and citizens. Questions that was addressed referred economics, law, medicine, research and knowledge as well as how the development of algorithms and use of these algorithms for AI will affect our future.

Three of the participants in the seminar are also connected to WASP-HS: Professor Anna-Sara Lind at the Department of Law, Professor Oskar Nordström Skans at the Department of Economics and Associate Professor Francis Lee at the Department of Sociology (since the video was recorded Francis Lee has moved to Chalmers).

Professor Carolina Wählby at the Department of Information Technology, and Associate Professor Anders Isaksson at the Department of Medical Sciences was also taking part in the event that was organized by The Faculty of Science and Technology at Uppsala University.

The seminar was recorded, and can be followed on Youtube.

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