Virginia Dignum hits Christmas AI reading list

Published: December 15, 2019

Virginia Dignum’s book Responsible Artificial Intelligence hits the Christmas Reading List from techUK. Virginia is scientific director of WASP-HS and professor at Umeå University.

techUK has created a Christmas AI Reading List full of thought-provoking books on Digital Ethics to read over the Christmas period. The list of books covers themes such as AI, Automation, Data and Ethics.

In the book, Virginia Dignum examines the ethical implications of Artificial Intelligence systems as they integrate and replace traditional social structures in new sociocognitive-technological environments. She discusses issues related to the integrity of researchers, technologists, and manufacturers as they design, construct, use, and manage artificially intelligent systems; formalisms for reasoning about moral decisions as part of the behavior of artificial autonomous systems such as agents and robots; and design methodologies for social agents based on societal, moral, and legal values.

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