WASP-HS Highlighting FinTech and AI

Published: October 4, 2021

On Tuesday, October 5th, leaders from industry and the European Commission, including SEB’s Head of IT Nicolas Moch, will lead the discussion on the role of artificial intelligence in financial technology alongside leading researchers at a WASP-HS forum – a research programme, focusing on responsible AI.

– At CRM FinTech, we are going to take a look at the challenges and opportunities we face, says Magnus Strand, principal researcher at WASP-HS, Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor at the Department of Business Administration at Uppsala University. What are the eyes of the EU and the relevant authorities focusing on? What are the needs of the industry? What perspectives can research contribute to?

As keynote speaker, SEB’s Head of IT Nicolas Moch will open the event with a presentation on trends in the bridge between AI and the financial sector. Moch will share experiences from both SEB’s own journey and from the Fintech landscape in general. At the event, three roundtable discussions will take place with participants representing

Accountability in (and of) FinTech
University lecturer Magnus Strand and European Commission Deputy Head of Digital Finance Mattias Levin will chair the roundtable, where the discussion will focus on accountability in the FinTech industry and whether it is possible to hold regulators to account if they overstep boundaries.

Pros and Cons
Postdoc Kinga Barrafrem and Associate Professor Gustav Tinghög are chairing one of the roundtables where the discussion will focus on how AI should help with customer segmentation, pitfalls in designing AI-based solutions, and how segmentation can promote effective AI solutions to improve financial well-being. The questions of when and for whom is financial technology good and when can it pose problems will be discussed
How does AI affect the financial sector?
Professor Magnus Mähring and Associate Professor Sebastian Krakowski are chairing the roundtable on FinTech and banking. What role does AI play in enabling truly new and potentially disruptive FinTech services that go beyond conventional IT systems? What does the future hold for banking and FinTech? Will AI radically transform the FinTech sector? These are the questions that will be discussed in one of the roundtables.

After the roundtable discussions, participants will draw conclusions from the dialogue. These conclusions will be made public in the form of a report in order to contribute to the national conversation on the issues of financial technology and artificial intelligence.

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