WASP-HS Welcomes 6 New Affiliated MMW Projects

Published: May 4, 2022

WASP-HS welcomes six new affiliated projects generously funded through a grant by the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. Read more about each project on the website:

Who’s in Charge Here? The Dynamics of AI Use, AI Governance, and Organizational Renewall
Principal Investigator: Magnus Mähring, Professor, Stockholm School of Economics

Relying on a Robot: How Agency and Anthropomorphism in Human-Centered AI Affects Social Decision Making
Principal Investigators: Gabriel Skantze, Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Anna Dreber Almenberg, Professor, Stockholm School of Economics
Jonas Olofsson, Professor, Stockholm University

The Artificial Public Servant
Principal Investigator: Sandra Friberg, Associate Professor,, Senior Lecturer, Uppsala University

Al-Based Language Models for Improving Diagnostic, Monitoring, and Outcomes of Depression and Anxiety
Principal Investigator: Sverker Sikström, Professor, Lund University
Oskar Kjell, PostDoc, Lund University

Machine Learning To Study Causality With Big Datasets: Towards Methods Yielding Valid Statistical Conclusions
Principal Investigator: Xavier de Luna, Professor, Umeå University

The Missing Teacher In AI: Involving Teachers in Metadesign of AI to Ensure FAIRness
Principal Investigator: Johan Lundin, Professor, University of Gothenburg

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